“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Turn listening into your superpower

Hearing is one of the five basic senses that humans use to understand the world. Hearing is a natural reflex but listening however requires focus. Our understanding of the world is shaped by how well we listen. However, most people do not listen with undivided attention because instead of focusing on the other person, they... Continue Reading →

Why compassionate leadership is good for YOU.

Have you noticed that when you are kind to someone, you feel good?  I’m confident that you answered yes to that question because it is a fact that being kind makes you feel good; and there is a scientific reason for that, as there are scientific reasons why being a compassionate leader is good for... Continue Reading →

What is Compassionate Leadership?

A leader is not defined by a job title but defined as anyone who has responsibility for the performance of another person or a group of people.  Regardless of whether your job title describes you as a leader, manager, supervisor, CEO, executive or something else; if you have responsibly for the performance of another person... Continue Reading →

Why compassionate leadership good for business

There is a correlation between kind leaders and happy workplaces.  Happy staff work harder, are more engaged, motivated and productive, take less unscheduled leave and are more likely to stay with their employer.  A culture of unhappiness is catastrophic for productivity and an epic failure of leadership.  This failure is either a consequence of the... Continue Reading →

Why compassionate leadership is good for the world

Unhappy work environments are a scourge on society and there is absolutely no valid reason for their existence.  Unhappy work environments produce unhappy people who move through society spreading their unhappiness like a disease.  If a leader contributes to, or turns a blind eye to an unhappy or toxic work environment, they are contributing to... Continue Reading →

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