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The Pandemic Friendship Group Experiment.

Are you social isolating in Melbourne or anywhere else in the Australian State of Victoria? Are you feeling a bit antsy as a result of being confined inside?  Worried that you are in danger of going bananas if you have to look at the same four walls any longer? 

Chances are others are too, so why not use this opportunity to connect with new people.

None of us have experienced these very strange circumstances before and maybe it’s a good time to experiment with new forms of socialising. 

Micro virtual friendship groups or The Pandemic Friendship Group Experiment is one such experiment.


Groups of approximately 5 people (Living in Melbourne or regional Victoria) will socialise using the zoom video platform.

Each group meeting will be limited to 40 minutes, as this is the maximum duration of a free Zoom meeting. The frequency of the meetings to be set by agreement of group members.

These friendship groups are open to people in Victoria, Australia. If you wish to participate in a friendship group and you live outside of Victoria, please feel free to use this model to set up your groups. Contact me if you want more information.

Because the groups will be comprised of people who don’t already know each other, groups will have access to some ice breaker questions to structure the first few gatherings. Once everyone knows each other, the groups will evolve to become fluid and organic.

The goal

These friendship groups will expose us to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. They will force us out of our comfort zones and allow us the opportunity to hold real conversations with people who may have different views than those we connect with in the physical world.

The goal of each meeting couldn’t be more straightforward. Get to know everyone in the group. Be known by everyone in the group. And explore different points of view in a super respectful way.

Participation is free

The only requirement is that group members agree to social guidelines around courteous behaviour such as,

  • Treating all participants with kindness and respect. Remember that no one wants to join a group where they are demeaned or disrespected.
  • Not interrupting or monopolising the conversation. Give everyone a chance to shine.
  • Not randomly changing the conversation to suit yourself.  Don’t be a narcissist.
  • Acting like a know-it-all. No one knows everything, so don’t pretend that you do.
  • Texting or constantly checking your phone for messages. No one wants to feel that external factors are more important than the here-and-now conversation.
  • A commitment to articulate clearly when you wish to leave the group so that a new member can be invited to join.

No prior experience with Zoom required

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