This course is comprised of 10 lessons; an introduction, 8 lessons detailing each principles of exceptional leadership, and a conclusion. Each lesson includes a quiz and assignment and will take between 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

AUD 695

Categories: Leadership
Includes 98 days access

Course Overview


This course will equip leaders with the skills to be exceptional by showing them how to elicit optimal performance from others in a way that benefits their organisation, their staff and their credibility and career. Unfortunately, too many leaders think that leadership skills simply happen, almost like leadership is a divine gift given to the lucky few on the day they are promoted to a leadership position.

Leaders who don’t understand that the principles of exceptional leadership must be studied and practised tend just to wing it. To wing it is a terrible idea and the reason why so many of us have worked for some genuinely awful leaders.

This course recognises that, on the day that an employee becomes a leader for the first time, they become responsible for the output of other people. Leadership is an entirely different job to that of staff member without leadership responsibility because; where staff are responsible for their own output, a leader’s output will be measured by the output of their staff.


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