A global movement to rid the world of arsehole leaders.

The sole purpose of this blog is to spark a global movement towards compassion

Not only will kindness produce better business outcomes, by way of greater productivity, greater efficiency, greater creativity and greater success; kindness in the workplace will seep out into society and contribute to a kinder world.  A kinder world is a healthier and happier world.

Being the occasional tyrant is not an immobile position.  I would hazard a guess that every leader has had moments of behaving like an oppressor.  My goal is to shine a light on those moments with the aim to eliminate them altogether. 

Deciding to be compassionate is a choice and I intend to convince leaders to substitute obnoxious behaviour for compassionate behaviour.

Latest from the Blog

What does competent leadership look like in a crisis?

It goes without saying that a global medical, economic and social emergency will shape the future of some governments and some organisations. Just as global leaders are revealing their competence and influencing the human and economic impact (with varying degrees of success); so too are organisational leaders.  For history to judge leaders as successful at… Continue Reading →

Leaders, what can YOU control during a global pandemic?

You certainly can’t control the virus, and you can’t control government responses to the pandemic. You can’t control international markets nor national economies. You may not even be able to control if your business remains operational or is forced into ‘hibernation’. Unfortunately, right now, the list of things outside anyone’s control is enormous. But there… Continue Reading →

Leaders can transform the lives of millions and change the world with compassionate leadership

Eliminating toxic leaders doesn’t just improve workplaces slightly; it transforms them and in doing so transforms society

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