A global movement to rid the world of arsehole leaders.

The sole purpose of this blog is to spark a global movement towards compassion

Not only will kindness produce better business outcomes, by way of greater productivity, greater efficiency, greater creativity and greater success; kindness in the workplace will seep out into society and contribute to a kinder world.  A kinder world is a healthier and happier world.

Being the occasional tyrant is not an immobile position.  I would hazard a guess that every leader has had moments of behaving like an oppressor.  My goal is to shine a light on those moments with the aim to eliminate them altogether. 

Deciding to be compassionate is a choice and I intend to convince leaders to substitute obnoxious behaviour for compassionate behaviour.

Latest from the Blog

Changing the world through happier workplaces

Could the solution to the growing level of fear and uncertainty felt by millions, be as simple as happier workplaces? Could the answer to the number of authoritarian and unaccountable political leaders taking control of governments all over the world be as simple as happier workplaces? Could the answer to the depression pandemic spreading over… Continue Reading →

7 Easy Tips to Master Remote Leadership

As a leader, your job is to elicit optimal performance from your staff in a way that benefits them and the organisation. This function remains the same whether you and your team share office space or work remotely. The way you perform your leadership role, however, will differ if you lead a remote workforce. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Leaders, you are more powerful than you know… but with this power comes responsibility

The best job I ever had was totally unexpected. I was asked to manage a call centre providing information to frustrated people who weren’t able to work out the system themselves. Often by the time they reached for the phone to ask for help, they had also reached breaking point. Having no experience with telephony… Continue Reading →

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