The 8 principles of exceptional leadership – online training

About this course

This course will provide leaders with an understanding of the 8 principles essential to excel in their job and the practical skills necessary to implement those principles. Achieved through written and video course content.

How is the course structured?

The course is comprised of 10 lessons.  The content for each lesson is comprised of a written lesson and a video. 

Each lesson will take between 60 to 90 minutes.  This includes the written and video and undertaking the quiz and the assignment. 

It is recommended that no more than one lesson be completed in a day as this will ensure that you are not overwhelmed with too much detail and that the information shared in each lesson is absorbed fully.

Furthermore, it is recommended that the course be undertaken twice in the six months it is available for access once enrolled.

The enrolment fee is $695.  This includes, 6 months access to all cause material.  No additional costs or add-ons will be required or indeed promoted.

Access to this course is via paypal only. The prompt for payment occurs after a new account has been requested at ‘Cinealta Online learning platform’. The process is simple and begins by clicking the “enrol” button below.

Why study leadership?

Because knowing how to help others perform at their optimum capacity is a skill

Regrettably, the evidence that most leaders do not understand this illustrated by the alarmingly high number of poorly trained and inadequate leaders.  Most people, when they become a leader for the first time, use their intuition and best guesses to wing it. This is particularly true of trade practitioners who are promoted to leadership roles.

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