What does resilience look like?

Small businesses are facing extreme challenges as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many employees are uncertain about their future and some, such as airlines employees are being stood down. Each and every one of us is affected and several of us are fearful.

The uncertainty can be overwhelming, and the collective anxiety is, for some, reaching a panic point.

That’s why, more than ever, we need to remain calm and centred. A crisis is exactly the time to deepen our compassion for ourselves and others. This is when we must grow in kindness.

It’s not easy to turn towards trouble and to opt for the compassionate lens in which to view it, but to do so is to show profound wisdom.

We must become comfortable living within the paradox between fear and the practicalities of problem-solving. We must be both realistic and sensible.

The future is unknown and there are many things that we cannot control. However, we cannot be in a position to take practical steps if we spiral into fear and despair.

So, how can we look at the current circumstances and decide to steady ourselves with a balanced and compassionate response?

Our reality now includes social distancing, but this does not need to mean isolation.

As individuals, responding to world events will require self-care and compassion. And as part of a collective, responding requires a reframe from the tangible world to a virtual world.

Let’s be grateful for the internet and think creatively about how we can use it to help and support others and to keep small businesses alive.

For example, could boutique shops promote a virtual shopping experience for their local community, displaying all their items in an attractive and fun way? 

Could retail stores offer skype, zoom or facetime with customers to look at products and offer social distancing compliant pickup or free delivery?

How can you make a difference?

Do you have the IT skills to work with a local shop in your area to make this happen? Do you have the marketing skills to work with a local shop in your area to sell the concept to the local community?

Can you support your local community by spending locally, albeit, virtually?

For those who will receive the government payment of $750 to help stimulate the economy, use it at a local business who is vulnerable as a result of this global pandemic.

But above all else, be kind to each other.  Let’s demonstrate that we are resilience people.

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