Keeping the doors open during coronavirus

#Creative solutions to keep the doors open during the coronavirus #How can we adapt if foot traffic into local businesses stops?  

No one wants local small businesses to fail although many of us feel powerless to help. But, just for a moment, imagine that there are ways that we can help? 

I think there are, and this is a call to action.

I believe that each one of us can help keep a small business keep afloat as we navigate the changed reality that the coronavirus pandemic has enforced upon us.

Let’s look at cafes and restaurants.  

Social distancing will have an impact on the number of people walking through the doors of these businesses. Most, if not all, small cafes and restaurants will not survive a few weeks, let alone months, with zero orders. The flow-on effect to the casual workforce is clear. Layoffs and unemployment.

So, here is the part where you can help.  

Can you think of a creative solution to keep these small businesses afloat? If so, share it. List it in the comments below.

Prepared meals to go

For example, is there an opportunity for cafes and restaurants to offer ‘prepared meals to go’ as a temporary measure? I’m not talking about takeaway as we currently know it. I’m talking about a new business model catering to the same clientele who frequented the small business before this crisis kept them at home.

Who else can help?  

Natural born leaders, web designers and advertising experts, can you lend a hand to small businesses in your area to get this, or any other idea, off the ground?

Are you a resident concerned about local businesses?  

The best way to help is to continue to support the businesses in your community that you supported before the crisis.  

For those who will receive the $750 to help stimulate the economy from the government, use it at a local business who is vulnerable as a consequence of the global pandemic. 

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