Changing the world through happier workplaces

Could the solution to the growing level of fear and uncertainty felt by millions, be as simple as happier workplaces? Could the answer to the number of authoritarian and unaccountable political leaders taking control of governments all over the world be as simple as happier workplaces? Could the answer to the depression pandemic spreading over... Continue Reading →

7 Easy Tips to Master Remote Leadership

As a leader, your job is to elicit optimal performance from your staff in a way that benefits them and the organisation. This function remains the same whether you and your team share office space or work remotely. The way you perform your leadership role, however, will differ if you lead a remote workforce. I've... Continue Reading →

Leaders, you are more powerful than you know… but with this power comes responsibility

The best job I ever had was totally unexpected. I was asked to manage a call centre providing information to frustrated people who weren't able to work out the system themselves. Often by the time they reached for the phone to ask for help, they had also reached breaking point. Having no experience with telephony... Continue Reading →

What does competent leadership look like in a crisis?

It goes without saying that a global medical, economic and social emergency will shape the future of some governments and some organisations. Just as global leaders are revealing their competence and influencing the human and economic impact (with varying degrees of success); so too are organisational leaders.  For history to judge leaders as successful at... Continue Reading →

Leaders, what can YOU control during a global pandemic?

You certainly can't control the virus, and you can't control government responses to the pandemic. You can't control international markets nor national economies. You may not even be able to control if your business remains operational or is forced into 'hibernation'. Unfortunately, right now, the list of things outside anyone's control is enormous. But there... Continue Reading →

Leaders can transform the lives of millions and change the world with compassionate leadership

Eliminating toxic leaders doesn't just improve workplaces slightly; it transforms them and in doing so transforms society

Adversity as a driving force for innovation

The Mornington Library in Australia has closed however one local bookshop, Farrells is offering a temporary local home delivery service. Many gin distilleries have stopped producing gin and are now making hand sanitiser. YouTube has reduced streaming quality in the EU and UK to avert internet gridlock. In China, cosmetics company Lin Qingxuan redeployed more than 100... Continue Reading →

What does resilience look like?

Small businesses are facing extreme challenges as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many employees are uncertain about their future and some, such as airlines employees are being stood down. Each and every one of us is affected and several of us are fearful. The uncertainty can be overwhelming, and the collective anxiety is, for... Continue Reading →

Keeping the doors open during coronavirus

#Creative solutions to keep the doors open during the coronavirus #How can we adapt if foot traffic into local businesses stops?   No one wants local small businesses to fail although many of us feel powerless to help. But, just for a moment, imagine that there are ways that we can help?  I think there are,... Continue Reading →

Who do you think you are?

Kindness during a pandemic Social distancing provides us with the perfect opportunity to spend some time thinking about what it is that we value and how we can live so that we reflect those values.   If your actions are in harmony with your values, you are operating with integrity. Your values help you determine the... Continue Reading →

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